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Midas Touch Dog Obedience School Services

Clay County’s Canine Obedience School

Puppy Training
(4 sessions)
  • Potty training
  • name recognition
  • sit & stay
  • recall
Basic Obedience
(5 sessions)
  • Heel
  • sit & stay
  • down
  • recall
Advanced Obedience
(10 sessions)
  • Heel
  • sit & stay
  • down
  • recall
  • leash training (25ft or greater)

This training will be done with a 20-25ft. leash and will give the owner the ability to use voice or hand signal commands.

Expert Obedience
(15 sessions)
  • Heel
  • sit & stay
  • down 
  • recall

This training will give the owner the ability to use voice or hand signal commands while canine is off leash.

Leadership Package

Dogs that have already experienced obedience training and have developed some skill at listening, but continue to display inconsistency in following the commands. The owners will learn good K-9 leadership practices.

Board and Train
(2 weeks)
  • Basic obedience skills
  • Behavior modification
  • Off-leash training

This is a package to teach clients canine Basic Obedience or help with a Behavior Modification or the client simply would like to have their dog off leash trained. This Board and Stay is for 2 weeks for the canine and 3 lessons for the owner. The first session is the day of pickup and then one session a week for the next two weeks.

Socialization package
(4 sessions)

This package is a fun package where James meets the owner and canine at 4 different venues that welcome canines. During these sessions your pet learns the skills to be a polite courteous dog in public.

Behavior Modification

This class is for extreme aggression and or avoidant canines. Session quantity is based on trainer’s assessment.

Single Visit Sessions

This class is geared for assessing and or addressing a behavioral problem.

AKC Certification
  • S.T.A.R Puppy – Socialization training activities for responsible puppy owners
  • C.G.C – Canine Good Citizen
  • Urban C.G.C – Canine Good Citizen in urban settings
  • Community Canine – Next-level training for C.G.C Graduates
Virtual At Home Training
  • One-on-one virtual training through FaceTime
  • Learn skills from the comfort of your own home