Boarding Services

Discover Midas Touch Dog Obedience School’s new boarding services at our Kearney, MO farm location. Tailored stays for every pup, from day trips to extended getaways, plus optional training. Book your dog’s enriching stay today!

Kearney’s Premier Dog Boarding Haven

A female staff member at a kennel supervises several large dogs playing together.

Pawsitively Perfect Stays: Tailored Boarding and Training for Dogs

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest addition to Midas Touch Dog Obedience School – our state-of-the-art boarding facility located on a beautiful farm at 21422 NE 162nd St, Kearney, MO 64060. Our farm setting provides ample space for dogs to run, play, and receive the training they deserve, ensuring a comfortable and enriching stay for your beloved furry friend.

Our new location offers an expansive environment where dogs can truly be dogs. With more space to roam and explore, your canine companion will enjoy a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere that contributes to their overall well-being. Whether it’s a short stay or an extended one, we’ve designed our boarding services to cater to your dog’s needs, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve.


Stay with us:

If your pup is going to be boarding with us then please make sure to bring their favorite toy, their bed (if they are not going to chew it up), and enough food for their stay. Food is available for an additional fee for all boarding packages.

Overnight Stay

When the sun sets, rest assured that your dog will be tucked in comfortably for a cozy night’s sleep during their Overnight Stay with us. Our spacious and secure sleeping quarters are designed to mimic the coziness of home, so your pup can drift off into dreamland feeling safe and relaxed.

Extended Stay (Up to 3 weeks)

For those times when life takes you away for an extended period, our Extended Stay package ensures that your dog receives the same love, attention, and care they would get at home. We understand the importance of maintaining routines and providing a stable environment, which is why we go the extra mile to create a seamless transition for your furry family member.

Training Services

Every dog is unique, and their training needs can vary. That’s why our Training Services offer a personalized approach to enhancing your dog’s skills during their stay with us. Whether your dog needs some basic obedience training, behavior modification, or simply some mental stimulation, our skilled trainers are here to help.